The Circles Group

Denny Dyke, Labyrinth artist
Christine Moehring, Detail artist
Trish Conyers, Lead groomer
Pamela Hansen, Photographer

See you on the Sand
Welcome to our home page.  We have been creating Circles in the Sand (pun intended)
full time since January 2015.  During our first two years, we created more than 100
labyrinths and have had over ten thousand pairs of feet walk the sandy path .  Many have
viewed our walkable art from Face Rock Wayside or in shared photos on social media.  
We are excited about the extended public schedule for this summer.  Our Spring Event will
be April 26 - 30 with five days of very low tides.  The summer season kicks off on May
26th  with a four day Draw ending on Memorial Day.  Several four and five day events all
summer!  So check our schedule and make your plans to visit us in Bandon, Oregon for a
walk on the sandy path.  ~ See you on the Sand ~

If you have any special celebrations or events coming up think about a day on the beach
with Circles in the Sand.
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Circles in the Sand
A labyrinth experience on the beach
Circles in the Sand is dedicated to the path of the labyrinth
as a means of meditation, transformation and healing.
Face Rock viewpoint in Bandon, Oregon is where you
will find us for our 2017 Public Season.  These Draws
are open for everyone to enjoy a labyrinth experience
on the beach.Check our
schedule here or on Facebook
for any changes.  

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We cannot accept donations on the beach.
Currently not tax deductible, but we are working on it
Labyrinth Sand Artist
Denny Dyke
aka ~Sandman~
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Winter on the beach
The journey down to the sand
Dedicated to Inner Peace
Sunset on the Sandy Path
Sunset Draw on February 25, 2017.  Best viewed full screen - click image
Via magazine - Spring 2017  
Walkable art that disappears
Michele Marie ~ blog post
Creating Without Attachment to Outcome
Susan Dimock Photography ~ blog post
Circles in the Sand
Circles is available for special Draws.  We can create a
sandy path just for you.  Dedications, birthdays, weddings,

Contact us for more information.
Sandman with guests
Christine Moehring
Detail Design Artist
Guest signing
Dedication Circle
Bandon, Oregon
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Spring Low Tide Draws

Wednesday Draw Canceled
Thursday, April 27th ~ Walk at 8am
Friday, April 28th ~ Walk at 8am
Saturday, April 29th ~ Walk at 9am
Sunday, April 30th ~ Walk at 10am