Sacred Journeys
Circles in the Sand
Starting on February 1st, Sacred Journeys has created a
special project for 2011 called Circles in the Sand.
Denny started creating hand drawn labyrinths on the coast
of southern Oregon.  The intent of Circles in the Sand is to
build temporary labyrinths that everyone can enjoy and
have a better understanding what a labyrinth is.

Denny moved to the southern coast of Oregon in 2007
and drew his first labyrinth in the sand on the beach at
Whiskey Run in Bandon.
From Denny - February 2011

Although I did not know it at the time, this part of my journey started in 1996 when I was introduced to the studies of
Ernest Holmes (1887-1960).  I took a Foundation class in religious science at the Claremont Church of Religious
Science (now Claremont Center for Spiritual Living) and after completing four years of studies, I became a licensed
Religious Science Practitioner (RScP).  I met Reverend Pamela Kilbourne, founder of Sacred Space Ministries, in 2002
when I was asked to assist her at a labyrinth event she was hosting.  I did not know what a labyrinth was then, but did
some research and found out that is was not a maze, but amazing.  At the event, I walked my first labyrinth.  The
Chartres labyrinth was a canvas, hand painted by Reverend Pamela, and was over 40 feet in diameter.  She became
my mentor and for the next year (along with teaching classes and starting a new job) I learned a lot about the path of
the labyrinth.  My most remembered quote from her is "The labyrinth is my church without walls".  I assisted her with
events and in 2003 I hosted the labyrinth at a week long retreat in Asilomar, California.  Reverend Pamela moved to
New Zealand to continue Sacred Space Ministries and I created Sacred Journeys to continue my path with the labyrinth.

I did not have a canvas at the time, so I was creating labyrinths anyway I could -  chalk in parking lots, rope on lawns.  I
had done a lighted (tube lighting) labyrinth at Asilomar with the kids.  Sacred Journeys was gifted with the funds to
purchase a canvas.  I decided on the 24 foot Santa Rosa labyrinth or, maybe it decided on me (it is a contemporary
medieval style labyrinth created by Lea Goode-Harris, PhD in 1997).  The inaugural walk for this canvas was on
December 19th, 2003 and I estimated that there have been over 1,000 walkers since then.  Sacred Journeys became
a means of setting up a sacred space for the labyrinth experience.  I did not do much with temporary labyrinths again
until I found SAND!

In August of 2007 my wife and I moved to Coquille, Oregon which is about 30 minutes from the coast inland from
Bandon and Coos Bay.  I drew the first circles in October and a few more over the next several years.  In 2010, I
practiced creating large labyrinths in the sand and that learning continues today.  In December 2010 I put a 20 foot
lighted baltic wheel labyrinth in my yard for the holidays.  I was 'drawn' in again by the path of the labyrinth.  I had
enough lights to create a 32 foot baltic wheel but did not have the room.  Shay, a friend of ours, said I could use her
yard.  So on January 19th I created the largest lighted labyrinth I have done to date and it was supercalifragilistcally
perfect.  I had always planned on creating more labyrinths on the coast, but now I just couldn't wait.  So on February
1st, I launched Circles in the Sand as a special project of Sacred Journeys.  I would draw a 50 foot Santa Rosa
labyrinth at Elephant Rock, Bandon with the help of a dear friend, Lynn Studley, who also took pictures for me (she
took most of the "Shay labyrinth" photos as well).  Someone sent pictures to the local media and it drew a lot of
attention.  Circles in the Sand is about bringing the labyrinth to everyone to enjoy and experience.  I am now referring
to this as "A Labyrinth Experience 2011".  The next outing was on February 13th and I drew two 50 foot labyrinths (the
Santa Rosa and the Chartres) with Lita, my wife, assisting me.

Circles in the Sand has become a passion with me and I will continue to draw labyrinths whenever and where ever I
can.  Any suggestions on other locations?

Draw ON !

Walk your path in the Light of Love,

Whiskey Run, Bandon, OR in October 2007
My first circles in the sand and I had no idea at the time
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