Circles in the Sand is dedicated to the path of the labyrinth as a tool for
meditation, transformation and healing.  
Circles in the Sand
Dream Field Foundation
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Denny Dyke - Labyrinth Artist
Christine Moehring - Detail Artist
Trish Conyers - Lead Groomer
Pamela Hansen - Photography
The Circles Group
The first Dream Field labyrinth was
drawn in September 2014 and only two
people walked it that day..  During one
hundred walkable art Draws in 2015 and
2016 ten thousand pairs of feet walked
the sandy path with us.

The Dream Field Foundation has been
created to support the public artistic
work of Circles in the Sand for the 2017
summer season with 28 Draws

All donations are tax deductible.

If you would consider being a season or
event sponsor please contact us.