When I first got to Face Rock on Saturday the wind was howling with gusts to about
20mph.  Braved my way to look at the sand in front of Cathedral Rock and could see  the
sand was just perfect for drawing.  From up on top I could tell it was windy but there was
no blowing sand.  I grabbed my tools and went down to take a look.  In front of Cathedral
Rock the wind was blocked a little and the sand perfect.  I called Chris and told her we
were not going to cancel and she came down to join me.  I knew I had a Circles Crew
(Chris, Joni, Cary and Colette) and at least three Guest Groomers (Cathy, Kellie and
June) so there was going to be plenty of help.  As the path unfolded on the sand, and the
grooming began, what a pleasure it was to see so many others that braved the winds to
experience watching the creation of another Dream Field Labyrinth.  I did notice fewer
people up in the viewing area due to the gusting winds.  Chris Moehring, our Detail
Designer, created yet another elegant entrance and many other artistic flairs.  Thanks to
Joni Pitcher, Staff Groomer, for the hearts.  We had about seventy five walkers who
braved the elements to walk the sandy path.  Next scheduled draw is Saturday, November
7, 2015 at Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon.

See you on the Sand, Denny

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What a great year it has been so far.  I have drawn 58 days so far and looking to getting a
few more draws before the end of the year.  Highlights (so far) have been:

3/16        Oregon Field Guide filming - presented on OPB - Thursday October 8, 2015

5/3          Birthday draw for Hannah - "Mermaid" by Chris Moehring

5/19        Draw for Public Relations group for Oregon

5/23        Draw for Bandon Community Youth

6/20        Draw for Sky magazine (Delta airlines in flight for Japan)

7/4           Fourth of July "Kaboom" - over 250 walkers

7/31         Draw under a Blue Moon - 3am

9/29        Wedding proposal labyrinth for Seth and Anna

This by no means a complete list all of the paths that have been created this year and all of
them were special.  With each new tide comes new opportunities for yet another Dream
Field with its sandy path leading through the pattern with no wrong turns or dead ends to
distract the walker.  All of Denny's art work is meant to walked.  So please if you see us on
the Sand come and join us before the tides take the beach again.

Over 3,415 pairs of feet have walked the sandy path this year.

See you on the Sand.  Denny



Note to walkers :  Before you enter the labyrinth, take a couple of deep breaths
and release them slowly.  Feel the cool air on your face and listen to the sounds
of the waves coming in.  Know that the path before you has no wrong turns or
dead ends but is a continuous path that will guide you on your journey.  As you
begin your journey on the sandy path, let go everything except the present
moment in time.  Walk at a comfortable pace and just be at one with all that is
around you.  Be prepared for a sense of joy, love and peace to surround you.  
There is now wrong way to walk the path so just be comfortable and enjoy your
stroll on the sandy path of the labyrinth.

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Welcome to my notes from the Sandy Path.  I will be writing about experiences on the sand
and current updates to drawing schedule.  See you on the Sand. Denny
Denny's notes from the Sandy Path
Circles in the Sand
A labyrinth experience on the beach