What is a Dream Field Labyrinth?

dream-field-1-orginal-bw-vignette-w-text-denny-dyke-t-shirtOne of the most frequently asked questions is “What is a Dream Field Labyrinth?”.

Simple answer:  A single path that meanders through several labyrinths before returning close to where it began.  Continue reading for a more comprehensive explanation.

It began on the sand at the beginning of summer 2014.  For several years I had been drawing labyrinths in the sand as a means of introducing others to its path.  Most labyrinths have a single path which leads to center and uses the same path to return.  I quickly found that several things occurred when I drew on the sand.  Some people would stay clear of me, I guess wondering why I was walking in circles, perhaps a creator of crop circles or an alien.  Some would find the path entrance, walk to center and, not knowing to just return the same way, they would think they were trapped in a maze.   I found most seem to prefer a labyrinth like the Baltic Wheel which has a single path to center and continues to the exit.   The double spiral is also a labyrinth with a single path which spirals to center in one direction and then spirals out the other.  For several Draws I practiced connecting several double spirals together.  I found I could set a rhythm to the walk by making them different sizes.  In my earlier sand work, I did not use a rake very much.  Most of the Draws where with my staff and I would accent turns with a small rake.

It was on Sunday, September 28, 2014 when I created my first Dream Field.  While drawing and connecting the spirals that day I was able to set the intention for each as it was completed.  The walker would enter the path and go into the first spiral and then continue to another, each representing an aspect of their journey in life.  The last part of the path continues completely around the outside of the pattern and returns near the entrance.  When I was done drawing I realized it looked sort of like a paint by number so I started to rake outside of the paths.  While I was ‘grooming’ the path, Cindy Holm walked by and offered to assist.  What I saw from ground level was what I had been trying to create for years.  A path that invites you to walk and enjoy just being you.  After viewing from above, I knew this was a special Draw and started calling the pattern my Dream Field Labyrinth.

Photo at top is the first Dream Field.  Do you have a Sandy Path experience?  Leave a comment if you would like to share it.  See you on the Sand